Hidden Valley Lake


It is with great excitement that I announce the details for Swim Camp 2012. Camp will again take place in the small community of Hidden Valley Lake, California. Hidden Valley is about an hour and forty five minutes from San Francisco. Base camp will be at our second home we call the cottage. The Cottage is a small home across the street from a small Lake perfect for training. A full circle around the lake is approximatley 1.2 miles. 99% of the time we will be in the lake by ourselves. There will be three options for sleeping. The 1st is first come first serve. We can sleep 10 on beds and couches. The 2nd, which is the most enjoyable, is to sleep on the decks under the stars. Last year we had most sleep outside. The 3rd is at a local hotel within 4 miles from the Cottage.

The goal is the same as last years camp. Swim Swim Swim. We will have two organized swims a day. Expect water temperatures to be in the mid to high 60's. You can swim as much or as little as possible. I plan to swim up to 10 miles per day. In addition feel free to bring your bike and running shoes. There is plenty of trails and roads to get some amazing training in. The goal is to leave camp in better shape than you came. We will continue the tradition of our night time swim. Fun was had by all.

There will be a few things different this year. We will be doing one swim at Clearlake. The swim will be approximately 5 miles. We will have a support pontoon boat so those who do not want to swim the entire 5 miles can ride in the pontoon boat. In addition, we wil be doing a lake clean up for 1 hour.

The cost of this years camp is $15 per person per day. I have reduced it from $20 per person last year. This will cover all food and drink (not alcohol - BYOB). I will be having dinners catered. You will have a choice of a meat dinner or veggie dinner. There will be breakfast and lunch food available. As always, families and dogs are welcome.

For those who did not attend Swim Camp last year, fun was had by all. I hope you all can attend. We shall find peace in the lake, old friends will reconnect and new firiends will be born. Love to all...

No Frame


May 17th-20th

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